Since always Pavistamp is known in the world and is proven in practice by the quality in all its products manufactured and revised under strict standards.

Our product range is developed and reviewed periodically following a strict manufacturing protocol.

We guarantee our product quality under control and our products are certified by independent laboratories.

Cia. Española de Hormigones Estampados, S.L., best known like PAVISTAMP, is a family business established in 1990, decided to introduce the technique of stamped concrete in the European market and dedicated to making products and intems necessary for their development and marketing.

Later began expanding to other countries in the world with new products such as mortars monolayer, bonding mortars, resins, repair mortars, micro policy of quality and customer satisfaction.

Presently, Pavistamp is a dynamic and flexible company adapted to the sector needs and distributing its products all over the world, obeying always a quality and customer satisfaction policy.

Pavistamp has a management system, according to the Norm UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 for the design and product production activities, pavement and facades coating systems, and the tools for this coating application merchandising also.

All the mortars accomplish the norm UNE-EN requirements:

  • Green Line 100% recycled aggregates EN-13813-2003
  • Micro cements EN-13748-2:2004
  • Self-levelling EN-13813:2003
  • Industrial pavements EN-127020:1999
  • Monolayer mortars EN-998-1:2003
  • Repair mortars EN-1504-3
  • Glue mortars EN-12004:2008

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